Judge Awards Sisters Compensation for being Defamed in a Shop


Three sisters have each been awarded €2,500 compensation for being defamed in a shop at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre after a court hearing.

Lisa, Karen and Fiona Ralph were inspecting a €1,300 Bugaboo baby buggy at the Mamas & Papas shop in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre as Lisa was soon expecting her first child, when an initially unidentified man screamed at the sisters to put the pram down and get out of the shop.

On hearing the commotion, the assistant manager of the shop Cristina Cojano – who had been doing accounting work in the storeroom – came out into the store and identified the man as her husband Claude. She apologised to the three sisters and told her husband to also apologise which he did.

Mrs Cojano then offered Lisa a €500 voucher off of the price of the buggy, but the sisters declined the offer – saying that it had been implied that they had done something wrong in front of other shoppers and that they were “mortified and embarrassed” by the outburst.

After seeking legal advice from a solicitor, Lisa, Karen and Fiona from Lucan in County Dublin claimed compensation for being defamed in a shop. The claim was heard by Ms Justice Jacqueline Linnane at the Circuit Civil Court, who awarded each of the three sisters €2,500 compensation for being defamed in a shop after taking into account that there had been an immediate apology and a substantial discount offered against the price of the buggy.